Qba-Ky Express - El Puente entre la Louisville, Cuba y el resto del Mundo
Cost 200+10 for mailing. Total $ 210.
  1.  Application Form. Click on link. 
  2. Copy of US Passport
  3. Proof of Immigration Prior to 1971
  4. Two passport pictures
  5. Last address in Cuba
  6. Date departed From Cuba
  7. Full name of Mother and Father
  8. Person of Reference in Cuba (Must Know Exact Name And Address)
Processing time is 30-45 days.
*Once the visa is issued, it is valid only for 90 days and only good for one-time use.
Contact us at: raul@qbakyexpress.com
Mail documents to:
P. O. Box 19347
Louisville, KY 40259